Reputation Management Guide

How to Create and Maintain an Effective Online Reputation Marketing Program


Many people think that it is impossible to maintain a positive reputation on local review websites. Those that believe this notion allow their companies to struggle with an unfair set of rules. Below, you will find information that can help you build an excellent online reputation against individuals who are bent on destroying your business.


When a business owner checks the reviews of their business and sees one or two negative reviews, they think that their business is doomed. Others tend to downplay the impact, ignoring the risk that the negative reviews pose to their businesses. The business owner must take action and know how they will fight back. Any business owner must know how to leverage the customers that like them. They should not miss the chance of having a client tell other how good they are.


As a business owner, you should check your online reputation marketing constantly. This involves checking out a couple of search engines or even utilize a ranking review site to check what your strengths and weaknesses are in your online business reputation.


No business can have a perfect reputation online. When this happens, it might indicate that the reviews have been manipulated to suit your business and it is unethical. To get your customers to give you reviews, you should create a funnel system that makes It easier for them to write their reviews online. Most people do not want to waste a lot of time finding out how to do it. Make it fun as well as easy for them to leave reviews.


Your job as the business owner is to evaluate what strengths your business has and get interviews and blogs written by happy customers. You can take a customer out for lunch and find out what they love about your company. Write a blog about it and encourage other customers to try out your business. If you are not good at writing, hire a reputation marketing consultant to write the blog post for you. The small fee that they charge will be offset by your expanding business.


Have a plan on how to do your online reputation marketing services. Write it down and hold yourself accountable. Make it detailed and make it in a way that you can determine if you are on track. To grow your online reputation fast, you must have an aggressive plan.


You should not have to all the online reputation marketing by yourself. Delegate the work to employees who you feel are competent to get the work done. You can even mentor someone within your company who can report on for you.